Sraigių rojus

Sraigių rojus

Snails breading technology consits of three stages.

The 1st stage (reproduction of snails): in this stage You need a premise of 20 to 150 sq. m. (it depends on the amount of mother snails). The premise must have a watter-supply, sewerage and ventilation. The premise must be heating, so that it would be possible to maintain a temperature of 18-20 C0 degrees. The mother snails are being kept in a premise till the caviar is collected (February- May), then the young snails are being removed to a greenhouse.

The 2nd stage (yong snails‘ breeding in a greenhouse): in this stage You need a greenhouse of 30 to 300 sq. m. It is an advantage if a greenhouse is heating. The young snails are kept here till the weather gets warm (April –May), then they are being removed to the yards in the out.

The 3rd stage (snails‘ breeding in the yards): in this stage You need the land of 5 ares to 1 hectare. You need to make the yards in this land, the young snails from the greenhouse are being removed to these yards.  The breeding of snails continues till the weather gets cool (June-October), then the snails are being collected, dried and prepared for the realisation.

All the process of snails breeding continues from February to October. If You don‘t have a premise for snails‘ reproduction, You can miss the first stage. In this case You should get the young snails from other snails‘ breeders and put them into the greenhouse.


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